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Design – Web Design

Graphic Design is the art of showing your mission and vision in a visual content. This content could be used on your website, social networks or email to engage users and bring more traffic.

Your website’s design could be the difference between that all important lead or sale, it is generally the first thing a customer sees and could be one of the main things your business could be judged upon. With all this in mind it is important to represent your business in the correct way, giving your clients the opportunity to see what you are all about.

Here at Media Treat we are not designers, we are artist, we deliver balance, consistency, and unity in our design to bring a better experience to the users. Our team is always up to date with the latest trends and technologies giving you the opportunity to create that design that is everlasting.



Website Design is an important part of your marketing and branding, this is your online business card, so it must be in line with the company philosophy. We try to redefine web design with a truly bespoke process.

When we are planning the design and style for you, we make sure we fully understand your needs, the way that you want to be viewed by the users. During the process we are in constant contact with you so we can make sure our vision emulates your dream.


A banner is generally the first piece of marketing material that a consumer will see, be it on your website, a social, ad or email. We create banners that are both enticing and informative, they make the audience want to click, therefore increasing interaction, engagement, leads and sales.


Content Design is a really effective technique to improve the SEO and the ranking position in SERP’s. An attractive and shareable content can help your company to increase the website traffic and be more relevant for the SERP’s.

To create this kind of content we will focus in your company potential users and clients, their likes, their motivations, their lifestyle… we will put ourselves in their shoes.

We always create different versions of the design content to make split test, reviewing what have a better performance to understand what are the potential user’s needs.


We don’t offer just another array of services; we offer a digital perception and the potential for a long-lasting partnership. That’s our proven formula for results and profits. We don’t treat clients as Media Treat and them,–we treat every collaboration as Us, together on the same journey

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