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Email is still the go to marketing discipline for being measurable, cost effective and the perfect marketing tool to get your products/story across. Sure it may not have the glamour of social and paid but it is more efficient, cheaper and keeps surpassing itself year after year.

Here at MediaTreat we have email marketing specialists with over a decade of experience, who can give you the strategies, designs and techniques that will see your open rates increase, click through rates rocket and therefore more leads and sales for you.

We only create responsive emails so your email message will come across the way you want it no matter what device your customer uses.



Every email strategy would be audit of your email marketing (if you have any), so we can give you a thorough review of your Email processes and an overall report of where you are.

From looking at the Audit we will be able to come up with an email strategy that will increase your open rate, click through rate, customer retention and help convert prospects into clients.


Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails, it’s also about managing your account, reporting and amending your campaigns to the point where they can give your optimum return.

Account Management: This includes sending emails on your behalf or working on your account

Automation: we can set up an automation sequence.

Templates: We can set up predetermined templates.

Campaigns: We will setup, create and send your campaigns, creating split tests where needed.

Reports: We will track the success of your campaign, including open rate, CTR, ROI.


An email list can make or break a company, since it includes essential data as customers and prospects.

Segmentation: Our audit will be a determining factor when it comes to segmenting your data to create bespoke emails with email content that engages and converts.

Bounces: Since email addresses bounce are just a waste of time and can offer truncated results, we can help remove these so that you have a cleansed database at your disposal.

Unsubscribes: We will make sure that unsubscribed email address stop receiving email, so you’ll always have a clean reputation and avoid being blacklisted if consistent from your ESP.


We can create several and specific segment according the user’s behaviour with previous email sent or the website, so, we will be able to understand each segment their needs and, then, target them with specific email content to increase the campaigns results.

This technique is really efficient for e-commerce or services delivery, because we can retarget them depending of the action in the site or shopping cart.


We don’t offer just another array of services; we offer a digital perception and the potential for a long-lasting partnership. That’s our proven formula for results and profits. We don’t treat clients as Media Treat and them,–we treat every collaboration as Us, together on the same journey

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