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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a way of buying digital advertising places using the latest specialist software that uses algorithms to purchase and sell advertising space in real time. It allows us to target specific types of audience created previously to show you yours ads to using segments across different characteristics age, gender, geography etc.

Your ads will only be shown to the right people at the right time because we have the ability to choose only the publishers where your customers are meaning you will only pay for ads that work. By choosing Programmatic advertising you will have the ability to buy, place and optimise your advertising inventory through an automated bidding system. Automating the whole process means that it can be done in real time, and therefore doesn’t rely on manual insertions and manual trading.



Be relevant in the moments that matter by organizing audience insights. Owning customer data and appealing to what the audience wants. At Media Treat we have the leading data collection software that is used to create specially targeted segmentational data. With all the different options and characteristics that we have at our disposal we can define the most accurate possible the potential user profile. We use a multichannel strategy, so, we can associate engagement data from multiple devices and sessions to uncover audience insights.


The biggest benefit of programmatic advertising is the use of integrated technology to evaluate, purchase, activate and measure media on a global scale in real time. Execute the plan defined according to the event, the audiences setup from the database and the banners created using an integrated technology (DSP’s) through a programmatic platform software to reach audiences across screens. At Media Treat we unify marketing efforts with an integrated platform that provides consolidated audience insights.


Adopt user-first, open and actionable brand measurement and attribution capabilities to make sure consumers see the ads. We will understand how ads impact consumer perception and measure what consumers do after ad exposure. Our Analysis team at Media Treat always measure the impact and the performance according your company defined KPI’s. Pay attention to the set of banners, different audiences and performance ratios.


Programmatic Direct, it refers to a type of programmatic advertising where the reserved inventory is bought at a fixed price. Unreserved fixed rates are ad space that is unreserved and has a price is fixed. Invitation-only auction, is based on private marketplaces Real-time bidding: The ad space is unreserved and the price is determined through an open auction based on a technology infrastructure.


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