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Social Media Marketing is the process of increase website traffic and brand awareness through Social Networks. Social Media has become one of the key methodologies in Digital Marketing, because is the more direct way to engage your potential users, promote your product or services and contact with them. We must to be loyal to the Mission, Vision and Branding to have a consistent relationship with our users.

Social Networks are ever increasing in popularity, with more and more consumers spending more time on Social Networks than any other website. They have become the top channel to generate direct sales, statistically, more than the half of Social Network user login at least once per day.

At Media Treat we develop the best strategies and plans to help you engage with the relevant audiences for the company. We have experience in all major platforms allowing you to engage and drive your audience to your site thus generate more revenue and leads.



In Media Treat, we prepare a deep and detailed strategy plan to draw a path to follow to achieve the best performance and the best ROI for you and your company. This plan comprises details about the previous account audit, set up the goal to you want to achieve in the near future, what tools are we going to use to get that, measure and control to prepared action plan just in case the plan have not the success desired.

We will work together with you to create a bespoke social media strategy, with established objectives and goals, because we want that you keep the control and feel comfortable with our services and work.


Your social media profile is the way we interact and emulate your company’s image, goals, and vision. It can promote your best content and can lead to new clients and sales.

Each social network has a unique audience and should be treated differently. This is why we will target specifically to match each profile with the target.


The content in Social Media is the best medium to engage with the potential customers. Thus, your message should be specifically targeted for your audience. We will create different types of content to share on Social Networks as Infographics, text, images, videos etc

The content must be fresh and relevant to become viral and shareable to allow your company to increase audience, brand awareness, and brand presence. These elements will then ultimately boost conversions.


We don’t offer just another array of services; we offer a digital perception and the potential for a long-lasting partnership. That’s our proven formula for results and profits. We don’t treat clients as Media Treat and them,–we treat every collaboration as Us, together on the same journey

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